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Furrier Reviews in Chicago

We invite you to read our Kluger Furs Reviews. We are known as fur experts and the Best furrier in Chicago. When you are looking for a place to take your fur coat for cleaning, repairs or summer storage, or in the market for a mink coat, leather coat or shearling coat, contact Kluger Furs in Flossmoor.

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Top-Rated Furrier Reviews

Kluger Furs Google Reviews image“I recently purchased two furs from Kluger’s. Fortunately, the owner saw me looking at furs and came over to assist. He provided recommendations, brought over some furs I hadn’t considered and was absolutely great. He didn’t seem to make any assumptions (which is really good since I’ve been to certain places that assume I’m not actually going to make a purchase) and was extra helpful. Impressive for the owner to have several staff present, but notice that I wasn’t being assisted by any of them and simply jump right in. He also took my measurements, payment, etc. So really he was able to do all the roles within his company (very different from owners who can’t do anything except manage others). As this was my first time purchasing furs – it was really nice to have an expert on hand. He was kind, took great initiative, and was quite informative. While I purchased two new furs, I really like that they had a nice selection of used furs that looked new as well. They indicated that one fur would take a week to for my name to be inscribed, but it was ready two days later. The prices appear pretty reasonable, as I tried Adriana Furs last year and their furs were much more expensive. I also understand they have layaway, a really nice option to have available.”
— Tamara J., Yelp Review

“Since finding Kluger Furs I have not bought a coat for my wife or myself anywhere else. Their service and support is outstanding. Their knowledge of furs & leathers is beyond belief. Larry and the entire staff never once pressured us to buy anything. They would just continue to show us options, new and used until we found what we liked. We have bought & traded in several Furs & leathers from Kluger Furs and I have always felt I got a great deal. They also clean & store the Furs for the summer in a climate-controlled room, how convenient. They have definitely gained a lifelong customer. 5 Stars for sure!!! A must see store!!!”
Eugene W., Google+ Review

“Kluger Furs is the best furrier in Chicago! They are fur experts and have the best customer service. I have received so many compliments on my beaver coat and shearling coat. I highly recommend Kluger Furs.”
— Megan M.

The BEST furrier in Chicago! A great selection of new and used fur coats. I get compliments on my fur coat all the time. And the staff at Kluger Furs is extremely helpful. If you’re looking for a furrier in the Chicago area, I highly recommend Kluger Furs.”
— J. M., Yelp Review

“Having bought a couple of furs from Larry I must say this is the place to go in the southern burbs. From the big selections of new and previous loved furs to the storage for the summertime, it is a great store. The store is in a great location and the staff is very wonderful. I will be a long customer.”
— Joel R., Yelp Review

“I was at an antique store and saw a fur with your label in it. I went on the internet to see if you were still around. We came all the way from Plainfield and are so glad we did. We found not 1 but 2 coats for my wife for our 30th Anniversary!”
— Dominic

“I didn’t know what my mom’s coat was going to look like after it was remade for me, but I sure didn’t imagine it would look as good as this!”
—  Judy P.

“First time I came to Kluger Furs I got a “good vibe”. Been back 4 times already and there will definitely be a 5th.”
— F.S.

“I’m a commuter and always worried about dragging my fur coat. It was too long. Kluger Furs did a beautiful job restyling my coat. I’m very happy with the job. Such an improvement.”
— L. Allen

“I would like to thank you for selling my late sister’s full-length mink coat back in December. I never would have gotten it sold on my own, and the check I received was truly appreciated at Christmas time.”
— Colleen M.

“I had Kluger Furs restyle my mink coat into a jacket. It turned out very nice. I’m so pleased. I was worried at first, I’ve never had anything like this done before. Now I will definitely wear it all the time! ”
— Glenda  G.

“Was referred to Kluger Furs by close friends who have used them for many years. Had an amazing experience there. Great expertise, wonderful selection and great pricing. What more could you ask for? Service you ask? Yes, that as well. They have full fur and shearling service regarding fitting, modifications and storage. I went to get a shearling long coat and found an amazing one that I expect to have for many, many years – taking me well through the Chicago winter so far. My wife came along and of course, we could not leave without finding something for her – but she had to out do me – she found 2 coats! See Larry and have a great experience.”
— Barry E., Google+ Review

“For over 20 years I’ve returned to Klugers. I’ve indulged in the furs, leathers and wraps. There’s always something in the shop that catches your eye. Everything is so fashionable and the service is always outstanding.”
— Willie L.

“A real gem in the south suburbs! Larry, Sue and the whole staff are knowledgeable & friendly. I’ve been 100% satisfied with the storage options and repairs I’ve had done. Prices are very reasonable. Thrilled that I found them – I’ll be a long-term customer for sure!”
— Diana F., Yelp Review

“I loved Kluger Furs from the first time I met Larry and Sue. I will not shop anywhere else. I love Kluger’s!”
— Antoinette W.

“I’ve been coming to Kluger Furs for 10 years and my experience has been the same over the years–excellent service each and every time.  One of the perks is their on-site fur storage.  Their staff is friendly and customer focused.  Kluger Furs carries something for everyone. Why don’t you stop in and see for yourself!”
— Laura G.

“Larry Kluger exhibited such a professional attitude when I came to his store with an old fur coat. He was kind….gave me the necessary information to make a decision. In this day and age when customer service is lacking in many areas, I found his attention heartwarming. Mr. Kluger, thanks for being a thoughtful, kind human being.”
— Jane C.