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Fur Coat AppraisalKluger Furs will evaluate your fur and provide you with a written fur coat appraisal for insurance replacement value. It’s very important to have a fur coat rider under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Speak with your insurance representative ahead of time to discuss the procedures regarding what happens if there is a loss.

For a nominal fee, Kluger Furs will happily supply you with a fur coat appraisal for replacement value even if you did not purchase your fur coat from us. 


Fur Coat Insurance

Fur coat insurance very inexpensive way to have peace of mind in the event your fur coat is stolen, damaged, or lost. This insurance rider should cover your fur coats wherever they are: in your home, in a restaurant and while in cold storage over the summer at Kluger Furs. In the event of a loss, you want to be sure you can replace your fur coat with a new one of the same quality at Kluger Furs.


Call to make an appointment and Kluger Furs will provide you with a fur coat appraisal statement for replacement value to place a rider under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Call us at 708.799.5577. We are located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois.