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Fur Coat RepairKluger Furs professional fur coat repair staff will examine your coats or jackets and provide a free estimate for any necessary repairs and alterations. Fur coat repairs made from the outside of your coat or jacket will be fragile and sensitive to more damage. It is essential to repair any tears or loose seams before they become major and more expensive problems. Kluger Furs expert furrier and seamstress are capable of repairing anything from a small tear to an extensive alteration. Repairing fur coats and jackets is not like mending wool coats. Specialized needles and thread for the unique properties of fur are used to repair the fur.

After a harsh winter, your closures may need to be replaced, reducing undue stress that could ultimately cause tearing. The edges of your cuffs, pockets and hemlines may also require minor repairs. Kluger Furs can even add a lining to your fur coat or jacket.


Fur Coat Repair and Restoration

Give new life to your fur coat or jacket by restoring it into a more versatile style, one that fits you lifestyle. Kluger Furs can completely restore and restyle your fur coat into one of a dozen different styles. We can convert a fur jacket into a fur vest or add the fur to a wool coat. You may also consider restyling a fur coat into a fur jacket.

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Kluger Furs in Flossmoor carries an extensive collection of fur coats, shearlings, leather jackets, beaver coats and much more. We have 2 fur storage vaults located on site that are temperature and humidity controlled. Kluger Furs also has the largest fur outlet in the Chicago region for gently used fur coats. Kluger Furs is located at 3303 Vollmer Road in Flossmoor, Illinois. Visit our fur salon or call us at 708.799.5577.