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Kluger Furs is well known for fur restyling. We can remodel or restyle your fur and turn it into an exciting new coat that fits into your active lifestyle. Custom design your old fur coat by shearing, grooving, even knitting it into a flattering, wearable, modern look. Have you inherited a fur coat from your aunt or grandmother and it’s not quite fashionable enough? Kluger Furs can do a fur restyling — everything from a simple alteration to a complete remodel into a modern fur coat that better suits your needs.

Updating Fur Coats

When your fur coat runs out of style or no longer meets your needs, Kluger Furs can provide the following remodeling, repairs, and alterations. Make an appointment with our expert fur restyling furrier to see how we can restore and remodel your fur.

• Fur restyling transform into a sheared, reversible raincoat
• Shorten the length to a car coat
• Add a detachable hood
• Narrow sleeves to a more modern look
• Soften the fullness of the shoulders
• Add length to sleeve with a turn-back cuff
• Shear and groove your mink coat
• Repair or replace linings on fur coats
• Add or change the embroidered monogram


Our expert furriers will show you the latest fashions and work with you to design a modern, updated fur coat.

Contact Kluger Furs today at 708.799.5577 and schedule an appointment for fur restyling.