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Kluger Furs offers fur storage and cleaning. Whether you have a mink coat, beaver coat, fox jacket, or any other type of fur, we highly recommend having your fur coat or jacket cleaned and stored for the summer months.

Fur Storage Vault

Our fur storage vault is temperature and humidity controlled and is on-site at our fur salon. Storing your fur coat in a temperature controlled environment will prolong the life of your fur.
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Fur Cleaning and Glazing

Yearly fur cleaning is recommended to maintain the beauty of your investment. Fur cleaning and glazing will remove dust, dirt, and odors. The glazing process that follows restores the luster and sheen. At Kluger Furs, the fur cleaning and glazing process is all done by hand.
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Caring for Your Fur Coat

– Never store your fur at home in a plastic bag or in mothballs in a cedar closet.
– If you have a tear in your coat or jacket, have it repaired immediately to prevent the tear from getting larger.
– Keep your fur away from light.
– Have your fur stored during the summer.
– Cleaning and glazing restore the shine.

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No matter where you purchased your fur coat, remember to clean and store it yearly to keep it looking fabulous! Contact Kluger Furs in Flossmoor at 708.799.5577 for professional fur storage and cleaning.