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Kluger Furs offers on-site cold fur storage and cleaning. This year we added a new disinfectant material to our cleaning process to address COVID-19.  Regardless if you wore your coat or not, cleaning and conditioning yearly is the only way to protect and prolong the life of your leather and fur coats. Our climate-controlled, on-site fur vaults keep your furs in the only environment that guarantees your investment remains in the best possible condition. Whether you have a mink coat, beaver coat, fox jacket, shearling coat or fur trimmed leather jacket, we highly recommend cleaning, glazing, conditioning, sanitizing  and cold storage over the summer months.

Fur Storage Vaults

Our fur storage vaults are temperature and humidity-controlled and are located on-site in our fur salon. Storing your fur coat in a temperature-controlled environment will keep your investment safe from damaging heat, light and insects. 

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Fur Cleaning and Glazing

Yearly fur cleaning is a must to maintain the beauty of your investment. Fur cleaning and glazing will remove dust, dirt, and odors. Conditioning your fur will keep it soft and durable. The glazing process that follows restores the luster and sheen. This year we began adding a new disinfectant material to our cleaning process to address COVID-19. At Kluger Furs, the fur cleaning, conditioning, glazing and sanitizing procedure is done in house and by hand.

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Caring for Your Fur Coat

– Never store your fur at home in a plastic bag or in mothballs in a cedar closet.
– If you have a tear in your coat or jacket, have it repaired immediately to prevent the tear from getting larger.
– Keep your fur away from light, heat and odors.
– Have your fur cleaned and conditioned to keep it soft and durable. 
– Cleaning and glazing restores the luster and shine.


Regardless of where they were purchased we welcome all furs, leathers and outerwear for services.  Let us help maintain the value of your investment.

Contact Kluger Furs in Flossmoor at 708.799.5577 for professional fur storage and cleaning.

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